Day Care

*We will be offering a day care service at the event in the hotel. Day Care will be held on the hotel premises during sessions only. Please let us know if this is a service you will be needing.


– Will food be provided?

No. Food will not be provided for daycare attendees. However, you may bring snacks/food for your child(ren). *Exception: snacks and milk provided in nursery. Please specify with a volunteer if you’d like your child to have snacks provided or personal snacks.

– Can I fill out one registration if I have multiple children?

No. Each child will need to be registered separately.

– What is the age range?

We provide daycare for ages 3 months to 11 years.

– If my child has special needs can they be accommodated in daycare?

Yes. Please inform us ahead of time if your child requires special attention.

– What are the daycare hours?

Daycare is provided for general sessions and opens 15 minutes before the session begins and ends 15 minutes after the session ends. It is imperative that you adhere to the daycare schedule (to be provided) as to not have your child(ren) banned from daycare. Sessions that run back to back do not require pick-up in between sessions. *Daycare will NOT be provided for the following events: mixer, book signing, leadership meeting, quiet time, zumba, how to lead worship, or clothing swap.

– What is the structure of daycare?

Day-sessions typically include general play, crafts, movies. Night-sessions include a bible lesson and discussion followed by a craft, and movie that ties in with the lesson.

– How do I sign up to volunteer for daycare?

All conference attendees are able to serve in daycare during session(s) they do not attend. Volunteers who serve for the entire duration of two night sessions will receive discounted admission into the conference. Sign up to volunteer in daycare here:

Please email for any further questions or concerns.